The Outer Worlds 2

It was a true pleasure to produce this trailer for the upcoming game “The Outer Worlds 2”.  Working closely with our friends at Buddha Jones, the mission was to create a game trailer that includes everything a game trailer should include – but spun with tongue-in-cheek humour and a touch of delightful irony.

The trailer was released at the annual Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase on June 13th 2021.


Role: Character Artist

Art Contribution: I created all aspects of the running Armored Soldiers including full concept.

Zbrush and Maya were used for Modeling/Sculpt.

Lookdev and Groom created in Houdini.


Buddha Jones:

Scott Carson - Head of Games

Steve Robertson - Creative Director/Writer

Rob Ondarza - Producer

Kris Baron - Associate Producer

Joey Lindquist - Editor

Dave Lindblad - Composer

Thor Ensrud - Motion Graphics Designer


Julie Lowe - MarCom Director

Steven Dodson - Marketing Director

Marcus Morgan - Sr Product Marketing Manager

Obsidian Entertainment

Brandon Adler – Game Director

Mikey Dowling – Director of Communications

Daniel Alpert – Art Director

Leonard Boyarsky – Creative Director

Brian Heins – Content Director

Joseph Rubino – Cinematic Director

Goodbye Kansas Studios:

Director: Bengt-Anton Runsten

VFX Supervisor: Kristian Zarins

CG Supervisor: Alexis Andersson

Animation Director: Jonas Ekman

Executive Producer: Jörgen Lilja

Producer: Rebeca Cervantes

Production Coordinator: Jona Wedholm

Lead Character artist: Magnus Eriksson

Character Modeling: Magnus Eriksson, Jonas Skoog, Marlon Nuñez,

Character Look Development: Magnus Eriksson, Jonas Skoog, Marlon Nuñez,

Lead Environment Artist: Tony Alamo

Environment Modelers: Peter Skager, Jesper Bardhamre, Daniel Axelsson, Magnus Eriksson, Andreas Leijon, Klas Trulsson, Kristoffer Andersson, Edouard

Calemard, Andrea Origlia

Look Development Artists: Jesper Bardhamre, Andreas Leijon, Peter Skager, Matthias Mittelmeyer, Edouard Calemard, Kristoffer Andersson, Andrea Origlia,

Lead Lighting Artist: Alexis Andersson

Lighting and Rendering: Johan Vikström, Andrea Origlia, Edouard Calemard

Rigging Lead: Gabija Smalinskaite

Rigging TD: Peter Jemstedt, Stephanie Holder

Lead Character FX: Ludvig Eliasson

Character FX Artists: Viktor Lanner

Head of Layout: Oliver Askew

Layout: Souvik Mitra

Animators: Jonathan Skifs, Jonas Ekman

FX Lead: Victor Wagner

FX artists: Martin Widö

FX intern: Jakub Kienitz

DMP Artists: Gabriel Björk Stiernström, Bo Zonneveld, Till-Valentin Holder

Concept Artists: Gabriel Björk Stiernström, Bo Zonneveld, Magnus Eriksson

Lead Compositing: Olov Samuelsson

Compositing Artists: Peter Blomstrand, Denys Holovyanko, Tomas Näslund

Head of Editorial: Henrik Klein

Conform: Jimmy Zhu, Finn Jäger

Head of Pipeline: Erik Johansson

System Administrators: Thomas Ericsson, Emil Ferdinandsson, Gabi Gharib, Armin Cero, Hampus Robertsson, Johan Agurén, Fredrik Rönnvall

Department Coordinator: Tiffany Johansson

Grading: Jimmy Zhu