RAID: World War II

Raid: World War 2 is an action packed game by Starbreeze and Lion Game Lion, evolving around four strong characters forced to work together behind enemy lines, raiding nazi strongholds and creating havoc. When creating a cinematic trailer for the game, we went for an approach built on suspension rather than action. We were inspired by classic WW2 thrillers and wanted to build the story around the characters and the dynamics within their tight little group.

Besides being Lead Character Artist on this trailer I also found time to create the heads for both the nazi officer and the nazi soldiers.


Production Company



Fredrik Löfberg


Tid Cooney & Fredrik Löfberg

Art Director

Gustaf Holmsten, Mikael Widegren

VFX Supervisor

Jonas Ekman


Christina Sidoti, Johan Gabrielsson, Hannes Drossel

Executive Producer

Jörgen Lilja


Thomas Oger, Pontus Garmvild

Project coordinator

Fredrik Jureen


Daniel Bystedt, Gustav Alexandersson, Sandra Isaksson, Jacob Moilanen


Jonas Skoog, Jesper Bardhamre, Sebastien Schoellhammer, Brett Sinclair, Linus Holm


Peter Jemstedt, David Hall


Max Öberg, Alfred Lindahl

Look development

Johan Gabrielsson, Sean Kalamgi, Alexis Andersson, Joakim Eriksson

Light and Render

Hannes Drossel, Erika Johansson, Mireille Underwood


Jonas Ekman, Christina Sidoti, Laura Trespoli, Jonathan Skifs, Pascal Le Guinio, Marko Marinkovic


Peter Blomstrand, Calle Granström, Teo Mathlein, Denys Holovyanko, Hanna Myllyoja

Motion capture by Imagination Studios

Studio Manager

Anton Söderhäll

Motion Capture Supervisor

Samuel Tyskling

Motion Capture Lead

David Grice

Motion Capture Specialist

Nils Aulin

Software Developer

Jakob Alenius

Virtual Camera Operator

Andres Rignell

Performance by

Stirling: Peter Eggers

Rivet: Phillip Hughes

Wolfgang: Josh Lenn

Kurgan: Nicklas Hansson

Sound design by Redpipe

Sound Designer

Kim Creutzer