Overkills the Walking Dead - Grant

You’ve met Aidan and Maya! And now it’s time for our third character trailer for Starbreeze’s upcoming game “Overkill’s The Walking Dead”. This time we meet Grant: A determined man with true grit. Set in a grim and dire situation Grant finds refuge in the one and only abandon car in the middle of nowhere. A full CG monologue where he has time to ponder about is past.


Goodbye Kansas Cinematic Team

Director: Fredrick Löfberg

Art Director: Gustaf Holmsten

VFX Supervisor: Henrik Eklundh

Animation Director: Jonas Ekman

Executive Producer: Jörgen Lilja

Producer: Thomas Oger

Lead Character artist: Daniel Bystedt

Character Modeling: Sandra Isaksson, Jonas Skoog, Adam Sacco, Mario Baldi

Lead Facial Modeler: Jonas Törnqvist

Facial Modeler : Anneli Larsson, Jonas Skoog

Character Look Development: Henrik Eklundh, Jonas Skoog, Daniel Bystedt, Sandra Isaksson

Lead Environment Artist: Gustav Alexandersson

Assets Modelers: Magnus Andersson, Philip Sandström, Erik Hallberg

Lead Environment Look Development : Jesper Bardhamre

Look Development Artists: Jesper Bardhamre, Kristian Zarins, Magnus Andersson, Philip Sandström

Lead Lighting : Kristian Zarins

Lighting and Rendering: Erika Johansson, Hannes Drossel, Sandra Scholz

Lead Rigging: Peter Jemstedt

Lead Character FX : Ludvig Eliasson

Facial Rigging : Nils Lerin

Lead Animator: Jonas Ekman

Lead Facial Animator: Goran Milic

Animator: Jonas Forsman

Motion Editor: Mattias Lindkvist

Lead FX: Max Öberg

FX Artists : Ludvig Jonsson

Technical Director : Simon Rainerson

Lead MattePainter and Concept Artist: Mikael Widegren

Concept Artist : Teo Mathlein

Lead Compositing: Calle Granström

Compositing Artist: Peter Blomstrand

Editor: Peter Blomstrand

Pipeline: Erik Johansson, Emil Ferdinandsson

Sound design: Redpipe

Sound designer: Joakim Kristensen

Grading : Martin Steinberg

Goodbye Kansas Studios Capture Division

Head of Mocap Studio: Anton Söderhall

Motion capture Specialists: Samuel Tyskling, David Grice, Nils Aulin, Marko Marinkovic

HMC Operator : Sigtor Kildal

Scan Operator : Roger Sundberg

Performance Actors:

Grant : William Hope

Hero Walker: Seth Ericson

Walkers: Nicklas Hansson

Client: Starbreeze

Producer: Hampus Gross

Writer: Thomas Conroy

Executive Producer: Saul Gascon

Art director: Joakim Ericson