Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden

Mutant Year Zero has been a long time favourite for role playing board game aficionados, but now Funcom moves the wonderful twisted world of Mutant Year Zero into video games with “Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden”.

The game is developed by Bearded Ladies, a game development studio in the Goodbye Kansas Game Invest family. And the reveal trailer was produced by Goodbye Kansas Studios. So it was in many ways a true family affair!


Role: Lead Character Artist

Art Contribution: I got the opportunity to both concept and sculpt the duck and pig feet seen in the film along with creating all groom/feathers for the Duck.


Goodbye Kansas Cinematic Team

Director: Andrée Wallin

Executive Producer: Tom Olsson

Producers: Thomas Oger, Hanna Bengtsson

VFX Supervisor: Henrik Eklundh

Animation Supervisor: Jonas Ekman

2D Supervisor: Calle Granström

Comp Artists: Tomas Näslund, Mattias Sandelius

Lead Character Artist: Jonas Skoog

Character Artists: Sean Kalamgi, Sandra Isaksson, Adam Sacco, Johan Gabrielsson

Lead Environment Artist: Gustav Alexandersson, Erik Hallberg

Asset Artists: Jesper Bardhamre, Magnus Andersson, Erika Johansson

Lead Light: Kristian Zarins

Lighting Artist: Carina Öhlund, Erika Johansson

Lead Rigging TD: Peter Jemstedt

Rigging TD: Paschalis Mourikas

Facial Rigging: Magnus Eriksson

Cloth and Hair FX TD: Ludvig Eliasson

Animators: Jonas Ekman, Fredrik Olsson

FX Artist: Max Öberg, Peter Blomstrand

Lead Pipeline TD: Erik Johansson

Goodbye Kansas Studios Capture Division

Executive Producer - Anton Söderhäll

Mocap Supervisor - Samuel Tyskling

Mocap Lead - David Grice

Mocap Specialist - Marko Marinkovic

Junior Mocap Technician - Oskar Olsson

Mocap TD - Oskar Eriksson

Senior Tracker - Nils Aulin

Mocap Coordinator - Isa Olai

MoCap Actors: Moa Malan, Nicklas Hansson, Philip Hughes