Conan Exiles - Launch Trailer

They call me Barbarian

We at Bläck & Imagination Studios present to you this epic Conan Exiles launch trailer. Our great friends at Funcom gave us the creative freedom to visualise and capture Conan in a stunning piece that tells the short story of how “you” as a player starts off in the game. Choose your path “Survive, Build, Dominate”.

For this trailer I was assigned to create both Conan and his female counterpart Razma. I also got to create the ingame version of Conan featured in the game.


Fredrik Löfberg: Director

Tom Olsson: Executive Producer

Johan Sundbaum: Producer

Gustaf Holmsten: Art Director

Henrik Eklundh: VFX Supervisor

Pontus Garmvild: Head of Production

Jonathan Forefält: Production Coordinator

Jonas Skoog: Character Artist

Daniel Bystedt: Character Artist

Mikael Widegren: Concept Artist, Matte Paint

Jonas Ekman: Lead Animator

Jonathan Skifs: Animator

Raoul Cacciamani: Animator

Rickard Engqvist: Animator

Christina Sidoti: Animator

Simon Rainerson: Light & FX TD

Hannes Drossel: Light

Alexis Andersson: Light

Max Öberg: Lead FX Simulation

Martin Miroľa: FX Simulation

Peter Blomstrand: Lead Compositor & FX

Calle Granström: Compositor & Matte Paint

Henrik Klein: Compositor

Peter Jemstedt: Rigging TD

Sandra Isaksson: 3D Artist

Agnes Lindsten: Junior 3D Artist

Jacob Moilanen: Junior 3D Artist

Georgios Sideras: Junior 3D Artist

Martin Steinberg: Grade

Knut Avenstroup Haugen: Music Composer

Arild Iversen: Sound Design

Andres Rignell: Virtual Camera Operator

Motion capture by Imagination Studios

Anton Söderhäll: Studio Manager

Samuel Tyskling: Motion Capture Supervisor

David Grice: Motion Capture Lead

Nils Aulin: Motion Capture Specialist

Jakob Alenius: Software Developer

Performance by

Daniel “The Beast” Atterhagen: Conan

Matilda Olsson: Razma

Nicklas Hansson: Stunt Coordinator & Performer